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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Gate Way Publishers | Date published: 01/10/2011


What is this Mystery about? Murder and malevolent mischief in Mexico so baffling it has even the F.B.I running around in circles . A Body clubbed, slashed, and tossed to the fishes for no apparent reason. A peculiar farewell note which only adds to the mystery of the fear in the eyes of its writer. A puzzling and elaborate survey of an unexplored area. Eight trucks where no trucks should be. Two mighty expensive roads from nowhere to nowhere. A drainage project as fantastic as it is phony. A constantly used camera which has been innocent of any film for years. A deserted and fast-sinking ship upon which four innocent fugitives are trapped. A wild ride on a tractor. A carefully calculated seduction before a horrified audience. Piracy on a gigantic scale. A breathless series of adventures in Hell's back yard. Wouldn't you like to know? why the man who has every right to be in his office is scared speechless when found there? Why death must be the penalty for anyone penetrating the secret of the Melendez papers? What P.U.N has to do with murder? Why Bert Carter's hobby seems to be "taking pictures" with an unloaded camera? What are the Seven Points of the puzzle? Why the crew laughed at every mention of the ship's sailing? What is the true meaning of the notation Salinas Vengeance? You will learn the answers as you thrill to the adventure, romance, excitement, and suspense which befall Ken Marsh as he tracks murder and dark villainy through a region of Mexico known as Hell's Back Yard.

Also Available from Cary Lucas