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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Gate Way Publishers | Date published: 01/10/2011


The girl on the run was Alma. Lies came to her lips as easily as kisses. The boy's name was Bill. He was young and ripe for her teaching. Then love duped them both--the girl and the boy--a love stronger than murder and treachery and greed. It was the golden snare that led them to the end of the road and sent them toppling down the edge of doom. Alma is asked to deliver a canvas bag loaded with cash to a guy she doesn't know in another town. She trusts her boyfriend, Monk, so agrees to his request. Monk has lifted the cash from an armored truck on behalf of his Mob Boss. Two problems, though? One, Alma is afraid to deliver it alone and convinces a young hitchhiker--Bill--to help. Problem number two--Monk is unaware that he's been set up by the Mob. The gangsters are on the trail of the money? which means they're on Alma's trail? and before long the double-cross gets deadly!

Also Available from William H Fielding