Cupid's Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships

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Categories: Health/Fitness
Publisher: Random House, Inc./North Atlantic Books | Date published: 01/10/2011


Zing! Cupidís arrow skewers a primitive part of the brain. Obediently, we fall in love amid showers of passionate fireworks, bond for a time Ö and then often get fed up with each other and grow irritable or numb. Perhaps we try to remodel our mate, seek solace online, or pursue a new love interest. Ancient sages recognized this biological snare and hinted at a way to dodge it: use lovemaking to balance one another and harmony arises naturally.

With an entertaining blend of personal experiences, the latest neuroscience, and forgotten insights from around the globe, Cupidís Poisoned Arrow confronts current assumptions about sex and love and offers a refreshing, practical approach to sexuality.

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