The Cow and Other Colorado Tales

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Categories: Gay Fiction/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing/Untreed Reads Publishing | Date published: 12/20/2010


George Seaton (Continuum) takes a departure from his regular prose of the relationships between men to a completely different type of love affair; that of people and their fondness for The West. In "The Cow," the unusual death of a heifer leads to a reexamination of one man's life on his ranch. The residents of Misty Creek, Colorado find that their small town is about to undergo some drastic changes in "Drogan's Things." And, in "Fixing Fences," one family discovers that sometimes fixing something that's falling apart is exactly what's needed to keep everyone together. Literary, lyrical and packing an emotional wallop, the stories in this anthology will immerse the reader in the rich environment of Colorado farm country, the lives of its residents and the amazing imagination of author George Seaton.