Mansfield Park (Coscom Blue Banner Classics)

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Categories: Classic Literature/Romance
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 11/26/2010


Poor Fanny Price, raised by her aunt and uncle and growing up with her four cousins, is always treated as if she doesn't measure up. The only one who seems to appreciate her is her cousin Edmund . . . and she's fallen for him.

When Henry and Mary Crawford come to Mansfield Park, the stage is set for a series of romantic adventures. Also, Mary and Edmund get along quite well and Fanny fears that she'll ending up capturing Edmund's heart.

To make matters worse, it's decided the young folks put on a play, which only caters to Mary and Edmund's blooming affections. However, upon Fanny's uncle's return from out of town, the play is brought to an abrupt halt, as is the play's encouragement to Edmund and Mary.

Henry then takes on the sport of making Fanny fall in love with him, however the tables suddenly turn when her kindness towards him makes him fall in love with her for real. Is this man everything she thinks he is or does his flirtatious behaviour towards her cousins give a glimpse of the man underneath? After all, to marry someone as rich as him despite her poor background would be a wise decision.

Mansfield Park is a story of love and its potential complications by romance master, Jane Austen.