The Naked Detective: Karmic Consultants, Book Four

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 11/16/2010


What happens in Atlantic City?changes everything. Karmic Consultants, Book 4 The "gift" that makes Ciara Liung the FBI's prized secret weapon makes her existence more like a curse. Unable to bear human contact, she lives as a hermit, immersing herself in the water that gives her peace and amplifies her power. Her new FBI handler, though, only believes what he can see. The problem? Her gift--the ability to psychically locate stolen jewels--only works in the nude. Special Agent Nathan Smith can't believe he's expected to babysit some psychic finder. Psychic?right. An undercover op gone wrong may have left him a desk jockey--and Ciara's charms are more distracting than he cares to admit--but he's a field agent at heart. She's working some kind of angle. It's just a matter of time before he unravels it. Sent to Atlantic City to recover a ruby necklace for Monaco's royal family, both finder and Fed are pushed outside their comfort zones, and discover more than they ever believed possible. And when a trap is sprung, they realize they stand to lose much more than a sparkly stone? Product Warnings This book contains gambling, go-go dancers, public indecency, and every brand of trouble a troubled psychic can get into in America's Playground.