Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland

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Categories: Erotica/Menage Erotica
Publisher: Excessica Publishing | Date published: 11/29/2010


Fancy a Highland fling? This anthology showcases a sexy Scotland for your pleasure. ? Glasgow by the back door: Kinky fun awaits a newlywed on her honeymoon, when she learns that it's always the shy folks who love anal. ? Up Helly Aa celebrates the Viking history of the Shetland Isles in a fiery tangle of sex. ? Celtic Tongues: A woman joins a threesome at Loch Ness with two Gaelic-speaking lovers. ? The Blackening sees a friendship renewed, and then some when a visitor takes part in the ancient Pagan ritual of blackening a bride-to-be before her big day. There are plenty of opportunities to get naked and dirty in this tale. ? Scottish grub: The unique cuisine of Scotland is explored one sexual encounter at a time. However sex and food is a partnership made in heaven, so good taste wins in the end. ? Local Colour: A hidden heritage is discovered where a woman learns to love submitting to her Master. ? The Middle sees a threesome play out their sexual fantasies on the beautiful Isle of Skye. ? Scotland the brave: a fan of the film, Braveheart works as a gigolo. He meets his match in a woman who loves William Wallace just as much as he. Everyone has a good time on this tour; they just have to let go of their preconceptions and watch as the sparks and the sporrans fly!