Wolves Dressed as Men

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 11/07/2010


Can their love save the human race? Thiess remembers very little of his life before he changed. His only memories now are of frozen mornings, naked and coated in human blood, and of running for his life from a Tracker bent on his destruction. Thiess prays for forgiveness and begs God to cure him of an affliction that turns him into a murderous beast, but as the Tracker closes in, he is losing any hope for salvation. Then he falls in love with Maria, and together, they race through the crumbling slums of a city slowing burning to the ground at the hands of a serial arsonist, setting off a chain of events that will threaten the existence of mankind. Excerpt: Thiess awoke freezing and naked. His jaws chattered as he sat up and looked around. An unfamiliar meadow coated with frost surrounded him. He wobbled to his feet and nearly collapsed from the fire burning in his right leg. His hands and arms were streaked with red and more red splashed down his scrawny front. The acrid taste of blood filled his mouth and he vomited. On his hands and knees, heaving uncontrollably, he found her. She lay a few feet away among the brambles that fenced the grassy lane, her shattered corpse clumsily cast into the brush. Thiess rocked back on his knees and prayed. He held his hands up to God and cried out. He clawed at the gore caked on his body. He rolled and wallowed in the freezing grass, trying to wipe himself clean. He slouched in an all-too-familiar repose, coated with a confluence of frozen earth and fetid flesh, and wept. In the distance, there came a soft shuffle of feet whispering over grass. Instinct perked up his ears and set his senses on edge.

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