Ripper's Redemption

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Excessica Publishing | Date published: 11/22/2010


Is Jack the Ripper alive today? Jessie is happy leading a hedonist lifestyle, with plenty of women to enjoy in or out of her bed. When Jessie's friend asks for help in finding her missing lover, Jessie is reluctant, however as increasing numbers of women go missing in the East End of London, she is forced into action. Jessie barely starts her investigation when she realises that she is being watched by a mysterious figure. With the help of her friends, and a ghostly visitation from her Aunty, Jessie learns that there is a connection with these recent disappearances, and the unsolved mystery of Jack the Ripper. Jessie meets beautiful Rachel, who also wants to solve the mystery. However this new woman carries secrets of a mysterious Sisterhood who may be responsible for these disappearances. Both Jessie and Rachel find themselves hunted by members of this secret society, who want them silenced at any cost. Jessie has to trust her instincts in order to stop the bigger evil who threatens the lives of anyone who gets in their way. Jessie receives help from unexpected sources, including a bounty-hunter, a horny librarian, a sex-starved police officer, and an army of prostitutes. These women enable Jessie to face the Sisterhood, and in doing so, she is also able to reveal the secret identity of the notorious Jack the Ripper!