Dangerous Seduction

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 11/07/2010


He's a devil-may-care lad of the forest, she's haughty nobility. Their different worlds soon collide. Pampered Lady Elizabeth is kidnapped during a ride in the forest. Young Galen, a carefree lad of the forest, arrives to defeat the ruffians and rescue her. Elizabeth, far from grateful, decides to lock Galen in her father's dungeon. Her father, the Baron, soon sets the young man free but charges him to protect Elizabeth from an apparent conspiracy. Galen and Elizabeth reluctantly agree to the arrangement, but her former captors lure Galen to the old stable and attack him. The real perpetrator is right inside the castle and proves sly and devious. Elizabeth's attitude toward Galen begins to change but she is again captured. Galen, now smitten, sets out again to free her. A brutal battle ensues in an abandoned monastery where Elizabeth and her father are held prisoner. Galen barely triumphs, ultimately saving them. Then the two young folk, now admitting their love, face the biggest challenge yet. How can commoner Galen expect to wed Elizabeth, an heiress of noble blood? Excerpt: "I want to believe you," he said softly. "I know not why, but I need to believe you." "I know," she whispered wondering why she felt so strange whenever Galen was near her. "But I would never break my word to you or anyone." "You bewitch me, m'lady. All reason abandons me whenever you are close. Why is that?" Women had never been a part of Galen's life and his emotions now were a mass of confusion. They stood in silence for a long moment as neither knew what to say nor do. Elizabeth could feel her heart beating wildly in her chest as madness overtook her and she dropped the cloak exposing her lovely body, covered only by a thin chemise beneath. Galen could not believe his eyes. He was soon lost in the smooth, soft texture of her skin and those full red lips. He fought for control, but it was useless. In a dizzy moment of pain and passion he pulled her close and kissed her. Tenderly at first, but then with a fever they both felt, but neither could control.