Prairie Spirit: A Bond Unbroken

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/Devine Destinies | Date published: 09/15/2010


On the night of his journey into manhood, Colton Falcon's destiny is revealed through his grandfather. He sees a beautiful dark-haired woman standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting for her true love. Through the powers of his grandfather, Colton is transported back in time. He witnesses the lives of two warrior brothers on a mission to bring justice to the untamed land. During their countless battles, they cross the path of Cheyanne, the mysterious woman by the cliff, and make the ultimate sacrifice to save her life. After the visions pass, Colton is brought back to the present. His journey of discovery soon begins as he leaves his village to find Cheyanne and bring their lives to completion. But can he find her in time?