Dreamspell Haunts Volume 1

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 10/30/2010


Enjoy five haunting tales: The Guardian by James Mascia Dying doesn't necessarily mean the end. When Bobby Barnes wakes after being killed in a horrible car accident, he finds himself staring into his own cold and lifeless eyes. Even knowing he's dead, only one thought goes through his head: Where's his girlfriend? The Victorian by Teresa Leigh Judd Elizabeth had lived in the old Victorian alone for many years so she was happy when a realtor brought a young couple to see the house. However, there was something about them that disturbed her. A Particular Detective by Gilda A. Herrera A junior college co-ed librarian assistant stumbles into an overbearing Brit who fears he was Jack the Ripper in his former life in the 19th century. Through the magic of the Internet the twosome fall into an uneasy friendship and search for his true identity, the solution of a riddle over a hundred-years old, while an evil, dangerous presence stalks nearby continuing another "Autumn of Terror." 12 Perfect Days by Terry Campbell Father O'Connor is called to the bedside of an aged and dying woman, Katie Garrett. The proud woman confesses her life has been a partial lie, for there was a man she loved who has lived inside her heart all her life, a love which was never totally fulfilled. She wishes she'd had just 12 perfect days. Demon Chick by Melanie Marks When Aiden's girlfriend, Angel, drowns, Aiden has to call on the demons he's been hiding from to help save her. Now the demon chick from Aiden's nightmares is walking around in his wide-awake life, claiming Aiden as her new boyfriend.