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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 10/02/2010


A carefully orchestrated plan, beginning with the murder of their parents, followed by the killing of an elderly pair of candy store owners and the theft of a pound of fudge, culminating in the destruction of a sports arena, places BÍte Noir and his sister, Emerald right up there in the pantheon occupied by Bin Laden, McVeigh and Nichols. Framing reclusive billionaire inventor Michael Case is just another step in their twisted quest for power. The deaths of NYPD Hannah Gold's parents, the family of Miami Police Chief Tittle, Police Chief Getz of New York, BÍte Noir's assistants and others are just so much collateral damage. Hannah, working with Michael, looks at this puzzle with all its missing pieces and wonders, "Who benefits?" Using Michael's photographic memory, Hannah's procedural expertise and their professional training in the field of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, along with the principles of Occam's razor and the Law of Parsimony, they must discover BÍte Noir's real identity and motivation, and clear Michael's name, before this rampage blankets the country. If they cannot stop this madman and his rising body count, if he succeeds, then the world will be a much darker, more dangerous place. BÍte Noir is willing to do anything, no matter how depraved and cruel, to realize his secret ambitions. Mastermind constantly raises the ante and keeps you glued to your seat, wondering what will be revealed next. Mastermind is not only the story of a mind so depraved it is beyond comprehension, it is a story of love and friendship, of bonds tested to the ultimate limit and beyond. Don't read this at night, unless you plan to sleep with the lights on.

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