The Amazing Godgy

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lightjhouse Publishing | Date published: 10/02/2010


Godgy spent many nights acting as a sentinel for his master, Tom. On the night of an attempted murder by a world famous archer Godgy rushes through the broken window and attacked the villain. The antagonist barely makes it to his vehicle to escape. A female assassin's shot went awry because Godgy knocked Tom down just as the shot was aimed. Godgy charges after the female assassin and she too is barely able to escape with her life. Godgy tracks down Brian Blossom, the man who has long wanted to win a grudge match against Tom Becker. The dog savagely chews the man's body, and Blossom is seriously injured by Godgy. Godgy is also injured, but it's in the dog's spirit to protect his master with his life if necessary. Finally, Godgy is able to force Brian Blossom to jump from a plane leaving Cuba, eventually killing him? How can a one year old poodle understand the complications humans find themselves in? Godgy was magical. Was he sent to earth by God just to save his new master, Tom Becker, from destruction, or was he simply a serendipitous creation with a thousand to one odds of existing. You decide. This story will restore your faith in God or reinforce your belief in the powers of Nature. It is a story of the possible or the impossible. The reader must decide.