Flight of Little Dove

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Categories: Young Adult/Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 10/01/2010


At age 12, Emma Davis loses her loving family when her father is killed in a farming accident. After her mother dies, a friendly Indian tribe take her in, raising her as their own, they name her Little Dove. A decade later, the chief insists she marry his son, a brave she considers to be her brother. Escaping before her tribal ceremony, Little Dove comes across a stagecoach that has been attacked. All appear to be dead. After discovering a journal, she takes on Margaret Bridal-son's past, present and future as described in the journal. She is nearly taken off course by a handsome and kind trail guide, Seb Bradford. Resistance must prevail when they discover Mar-garet's betrothed is Seb's father. Will her new beginnings bring her happiness or will she lose everything including the man she loves and a life she has yearned to live?

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