Most Valuable Victim

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 09/15/2010


What a way to end the winter?

An early spring Peewee Hockey Tournament grinds to a halt as a critical snow load collapses the arena roof. A body is discovered in the Ladies' Room and a snowmobile enthusiast is missing on the trails. Someone is making a killing in poached venison, and a neatly butchered deer carcass has just shown up in the middle of the highway.

Amidst all these sensational headlines, newspaper editor Gloria Trevisi is trying to go on maternity leave before she becomes a desperate killer's next victim? or two. With the buzzing of snowmobiles and bubbling of fresh maple sap, illegal hunting and a baby expected any minute, the last place she wants to be is in the woods.

But that's exactly where she's headed?