The Girl Next Door

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/solsticepublishing | Date published: 09/20/2010


Marty Landis, the child of a mob princes who abandons him to a Christian family living in a Russian, Jewish neighborhood in Chicago in 1951, just wanted to take the CIA covert operation later handed to him and bust "the girl next door" he grew up with (Rossina Riasnovsky - whom he had a crush on) out of a Soviet holding facility in 1976. She is a covert CIA Op in country. He is in a dead-end job after Vietnam, college and the 73-74' recession. Marty and the girl's brother, his best friend growing up, are trained by the best in the UK (MI-6) in order to sneak in to the then USSR disguised as Soviet Security personnel and bust her out before she "talks". He just wanted to rescue her and return home with the $250,000 reward in time for the 1976 Chicago Cubs baseball home opener. But, the old passions are inflamed when they meet. Also, he wanted to repay a debt to the girl's family who took him in as a child due to his adopted parent's alcoholism. Marty and his best friend Gregory, Rossina's brother, take the mission but there is a fatal snafu in Moscow. At home his ex-con mob boss father, who later learns of Marty's existence after three years in prison and scattered attempts to bond with the boy after chasing off a gang that tried to kill him at age 10, meet and eventually bond as friends. Those who impacted Marty's younger life, his two dad's and that surrogate family, come together hoping to see their children alive. But fate has something else in store after a major snafu that results in a horrific gun battle in Moscow and another chance opportunity to escape death.