Cats in a Dreamspell

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 08/30/2010


Enjoy twelve assorted genre feline adventures! There's a little something for everyone. Cat in the Cockpit by Mark Rosendorf--A cat stows aboard a 747 jet; Chester's Treasure by Linda Houle--A mischievous feline makes a startling discovery; Amelia and the Better Path by Tony Williams--Why are cats are mysteriously disappearing? A Cat Named Ginger by Laurel Lamperd--A man's jealousy over the doting attention to a beloved cat; The Purrsistant Cat by Teresa Leigh Judd--A writer and her cat find themselves trapped in a cottage by a lake; Dog Matters by D. Nathan Hilliard--Cats and dogs experience a different and more dangerous world than humans; Smokey & Bandit by Randy Rawls--Two cats lend a hand to their Private Investigator human; Mystery, Mischief and Mayhem by Teresa Leigh Judd--Two cats find crucial evidence in a murder case; Just the Three of Us by Jacqueline Seewald--Why does a mysterious kitten love Angel, but he hates her boyfriend Jeff? Investigator Incarnate by Christy Tillery French--A former dirty cop reincarnates as a feline, but still wants to help with a murder investigation; Chronicles of a Cat Woman by Cathy Noonan--A journalist does a story on an elderly woman who takes in stray cats; Mal's Bounty by Darren Pearce and Neal Levin--Experience a strange fantasy world.