The Lollipop Tree

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Categories: Young Adult/Children's Fiction
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 09/13/2010


Peg's love of candy makes working at the Lollipop Tree - a factory that makes lollipops - the perfect place to work. Even Darcy, the stern receptionist can't dampen Peg's spirits. And Hiram - called Hi - keeps Peg laughing. Peg and Korky work two days a week at the factory. But Peg's curious nature has her asking questions: Why can't she smell the candy being made? Or do lollipops smell as they're made? And why aren't the lollipops sold in her hometown of Redmond? No one answers her questions. Peg wants to go to the back room where the lollipops are made. Surely she' ll find answers there, but the door is always locked. She tries the locked door every day. Then one day the doorknob turns .

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