Praise the Dead: A Zombie Novel

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Categories: Horror/Young Adult
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 07/30/2010


Young Andrew Perry has what he calls "The Power of Resurrection," and he wields it like a toy wand, reanimating animals and people as he sees fit, primarily for his own amusement. But when this strange power begins to amplify, he decides he must be destined for more than merely roadside parlor tricks.

In another part of the country, a girl named Lindy possesses a power of her own, a power that threatens both her health and her sanity. The ability to hear and speak to birds, at first terrifying, soon gives birth to insight that suggests there is more going on than she perceives.

Day by day and year by year, each child becomes more aware of the other and the inevitable confrontation that is fast approaching. Each must build their own army and prepare for the final showdown between Good and Evil. Caught in the middle, the rest of humanity must choose a side, especially when the dead begin to walk.

Who will honor the living . . . and who will Praise the Dead?

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