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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/solsticepublishing | Date published: 09/06/2010


It was out there somewhere, offshore in the thick swirling mist which filled the pitch black night. It was a diffused sound which could have come from any direction, or from all directions AS THOUGH THE SEA ITSELF WAS SCREAMING The sea creatures were not unknown. They were frequently sighted and recorded in the days of sail when ships moved silently under wind power, or lay becalmed in remote parts of the world's vast oceans. The sightings stopped when the ships were fitted with noisy thudding engines and kept to direct but relatively narrow sea lanes which the creatures learned to avoid. But the creatures were still there, far down in the abyss, where they might have remained, unseen and undisturbed, if the offshore oil platform Aztec Three had not exploded to turn the sea above them into a sea of fire. The creatures moved east across the Atlantic. They were angry and they were hungry. For those who lived and worked upon the sea it was the beginning of a savage, screaming nightmare.