A Cowboy's Pursuit

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Desire | Date published: 08/23/2010


"Let Celie get away? No, sir! That's why cowboys invented lassos!" Jace Tucker, wife wrangler

Rodeo heartthrob Jace Tucker fell for Celie O'Meara the day they met. But she was his buddy's girl. Then his buddy jilted Celieand she blamed Jace!

And why not? Celie thought. As a role model for reckless, footloose charmers, Jace had no equal. So when he came close, she ran a thousand miles!

Jace packed his battered Stetson and went after her. He'd convince Celie they were meant for each othereven if he had to follow her to the ends of the earth. He never believed he actually would!