Let Sleeping Demons Lie

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing/Red Sage Presents | Date published: 05/01/2010


A leonine Lycan, finds a naked, unconscious female. He analyzes her scent and discovers she's not Lycan but a clever fake. She's quite luscious, so he'll enjoy her regardless. Felinoid Demon, Naamah, is bait for a trap. Her King has altered her genetic makeup, stripped her powers and her memory. She believes she's human and isn't aware non-humans exist. The man who licks her awake is damnably sexy? but sex isn't exactly a priority when she can't remember her own name! When Brennan realizes the female has amnesia, his protective instincts grab him by the balls. He nick-names her Kitten and suggests finding a safe haven before nightfall. Kitten's so exhausted she finally lets Brennan carry her. When she drifts off, he shifts to his Were-Lion form. He's carrying Kitten into his lair when she stirs, and before he completes his shift, she opens her eyes. She freaks but eventually convinces herself she had a nightmare. Mention of Demon King, Asmodeus, leaves Kitten paralytic with fear. Brennan's touch banishes her private hell and replaces fear with lust. Now she's safe, she'll indulge in her desires. Kitten's irresistible. During sex, Brennan nips her neck and shockingly, the love-bite becomes a mating mark. Kitten isn't Lycan, and hadn't agreed to a mating. Brennan needs to consider the ramifications without distractions. He takes off, leaving Kitten locked inside. Kitten eventually escapes and wanders off, unaware she's being stalked by hyena-like monsters. Their alpha female, Cass, plans a gang-bang then a tasty Kitten-style snack. Kitten's rescued by Brennan's grandmother, who's gotta be one scary-ass woman to browbeat those fucked-up things! There could be more beasties lurking, so Kitten agrees to be taken to the Lycan court. Brennan's mother, the Queen, is hosting a toad-Demon Councilor. Brennan's obliged to attend, but can't concentrate on politics when he's obsessing over Kitten. The Queen had already selected a suitable mate for her son. When her mother turns up with Kitten, the Queen's livid and plans Kitten's demise. Brennan's touch causes Kitten's mark to blaze and she faints. He needs advice on how to help her, but first he must confirm what she is. He has his suspicions and hopes the toad-Demon will corroborate them. The Councilor identifies Kitten as Naamah, a Felinoid Demon. And because Asmodeus is secretly messing with him, he then assaults her. Brennan rips the toad-Demon apart, unwittingly reacting exactly as Asmodeus hoped. The Demon's blood is corrosive. Brennan's Were-Lion hide resists its effects as he wipes the stuff from Naamah's skin with his paws. Naamah's torn from unconsciousness by burning pain and thinks a monster is about to devour her. Hang on, the monster is Brennan? She doesn't know if she will ever accept his Were. Or that she's supposedly a demonic seductress! Brennan and Naamah are darted with tranquilizers. The Queen's arranged for the Hyenas to take Naamah but they take Brennan, too. By screwing with Naamah, Asmodeus flouted a shit-fuck-ton of rules, provoking an omnipotent Sentinel to intervene by restoring Naamah's memories and demonic abilities. Naamah comes to in a cave. Brennan's barely conscious, and shackled with be-spelled silver cuffs to prevent him shifting. She hears Cass approaching. She's sick with fear because she now remembers her litter-mates being devoured by a Were. Her only weapon is seduction so she assumes her Felinoid form. She whips Cass into an orgasmic frenzy. While the Were-Hyena is at her most vulnerable, Naamah shreds her heart. She frees Brennan--will he despise her now she's revealed her true self? Brennan shifts to Were and embraces her. Naamah realizes there's nothing to fear. His Were-Lion is a part of him, just like his Beast, and he loves her despite what she is. Her mark morphs to a lion's paw-print, proof she's confronted her demons and accepted Brennan. And when Brennan learns she's pregnant, he puts his long leonine tongue to very good use indeed. To My Readers: While writing Even Demons Get The Blues, the first novella in my Demons series, it wasn't easy convincing a certain stroppy Felinoid Demon to back off and let the actual hero and heroine take center stage. I knew that I would eventually have to give her her own story. And I knew that she needed a very special hero, too--a man who wasn't going to take any bullshit from her, a man who would ultimately teach her that what she thinks is love, is merely a pale imitation of the real thing. She takes a heckuva lot of convincing, though, and I hope that you will enjoy her struggle as she finds her happy ever after with her shape-shifting Lion prince. Kitty vs Lion?. Watch the fur fly in Let Sleeping Demons Lie!