The Green Girl

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 08/16/2010


Love transcends. This doesn't hold truer than in this pulp classic by Jack Williamson. Melvin Dane has been seeing a vision of a green girl since he was a child. Images of her came over the ether. Is she just fantasy? Or a reality that managed to cross time and space? And now, with the Earth under threat of extinction, will Melvin ever meet that girl of his dreams? With an alien force trying to bring Earth back to the Ice Age, Melvin and his foster father, scientist Sam Walden, embarked on a heroic quest to save their world. Their adventures took them from their sleepy little cottage in the beaches of Florida to the unexplored and totally unexpected world beneath the ocean. There, Sam and Melvin find what they are looking for, and more. Sam meets the alien force trying to kill humanity, and Melvin meets the love of his life, the one girl he has been dreaming of since he was a child. In their quest for redemption for the Earth they call home, both of them would find the love that would change their lives forever. Sam has made a machine that can travel anywhere--in land, air, and water--and based on Sam's calculations, they trace the alien force to somewhere in the Magyar Deep, 50,000 feet into the ocean. Deep below, they find an alien world, full of strange creatures, and stranger vegetation. In their quest to find and end the hostile power, Sam and Melvin meet creatures that would change their lives. Melvin would finally meet the Green Girl, a vision he has been seeing since he was a child, and Sam would find companionship and love with a pet, a flying plant that he named Alexander. Together, the four of them would decide the fate of two worlds.