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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 07/30/2010


On July 21, 2020, Thomas Yeoman leaves a cushy office job as a forest service worker and decides to take on the challenge of becoming a demon hunter. Using a special ring, he travels into a small town outside of Las Vegas Nevada, bringing all the tools that his great grandfather used decades before him. When he arrives he befriends an elderly man by the name of Carl Holkin. He is a hunter that has used a special book to seek out and destroy demons as his ancestors did before his time. In the Following months Carl and Thomas work side by side and destroy demons that were created by ancient medicine men of the tribes of Arizona. The book itself has a long list of demons yet to be destroyed and put out of harm's way. The first real challenge comes when Thomas and Carl find that Gary Ridgeway has broken out of the prison in Walla Walla Washington. He finds the means to travel to Cerbat and is given an offer that he can't refuse. The Green River Killer decides to let a very powerful demon use his body as a vessel to cause a reign of terror on the citizens of Cerbat, Arizona. The demon itself could best be described as a creature with two big wings that were black and also had an orange colour similar to that of a Phoenix. It had two big fangs and appeared to be very powerful. Anyone that came into its path would surely die. It mentioned in the book of demons as 'Firewalker.' Knowing that they need help, Carl calls upon an old flame that he knew years ago that was a practicing white witch. Thomas Yeoman and Carl Holkin decide to let Olivia Harrington join as a member of their newly formed team. Years ago, Firewalker had slaughtered her husband and child, which made the dealings with this demon personal. Does Thomas and his team-mates come out to the victor in the battle against the most prolific and brutal killer of the 21th Century? One day a helicopter flies into a secret lab inside of the mountain of Cerbat. It carries a wounded soldier that was near death. Two scientists by the name of Hans Lokner and Kamran Dolchanez repairs the soldier's body with cybernetic technology which has been funded by the Department of Defence. The government wanted them to create an ultimate soldier that was stronger and faster than any of the enemies of the United States. They do the unthinkable and create a man that is able to run hundreds of miles an hour and able to shoot a laser out of his eye. Just when the cyborg is ready to be turned back over the government, Hans uses the cyborg to brutally murder Kamran Dolchanez and use the cyborg for other reasons. Hans, a practitioner of black magic is able to create a way to place the souls of brutal serial killers inside of his newly created cyborg's body. The cyborg consumes the souls of John Wayne Gasey, Lizzie Borden and Jeff Dahmer. Hans knew that he needed more souls for his cyborg. Hans and the cyborg travel to Corcoran State Prison in California. The powerful cyborg snaps the neck of an eighty six year old inmate by the name of Charlie Manson and readily consumes his soul.   Hans has done the unthinkable; he decides that he wants to create a homemade demi god. With the power to travel in time, Hans and the cyborg decide to travel to different parts of history and consume souls, which makes his cyborg more powerful each time he consumes a soul. Thomas finds another teammate by the name of Drina Calvert. With Carl, Drina and Olivia by his side, they fight to save humanity and put a kink in the plans for Hans to create his demigod. Is Hans Lokner successful or does Thomas and his newly formed team come out as the victors in this fight?