Thin Ice

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 08/02/2010


An investigation turns personal for Detective Thadeus Rede when the priest who practically raised him is slaughtered by a serial killer. 2037 was turning out to be a bad year for Thadeus Rede. After an unexpected promotion over his former partner in the Seattle Police Department, he's now the lead investigator in a politically charged case of brutal murders. A serial killer is targeting members of a powerful organization--a group that promotes a ban on the deliberate genetic alteration of any life form. Clues point to the gene freaks. Are these self-determined genetically-modified individuals involved? After Father Reyes is killed, Thadeus' hunt for the murderer uncovers new connections to his own past--involving his own genetic aberration. Despite obstruction from a Homeland Security agent and the complication of an illegal nanotech weapon, Thadeus pursues the truth about the serial killer. He will soon regret that he did? Bonus story included: The Wolf Encrypted--a Thadeus Rede investigation.

Also Available from Phill Jones