Operation Thunderspell

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Categories: Humor/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Zumaya Publications/Zumaya Boundless | Date published: 07/16/2010


Agents Nicholas Inker and Anthony Hamilton: one's American, the other is Chinese.  One has the brains, the other the brawn.  And the one thing they share, besides annoying each other, is an arsenal of insults for anyone caught in the crossfire.

Enter the League: they're the latest international threat, a terrorist group with an unknown agenda and untraceable funding. Until now?

Guided by Debora, their trigger-happy handler, Nicholas and Anthony are assigned to uncover the League's innermost workings.  What they find, however, is completely incidental to their real mission--each is determined to get the last word in, no matter how high the body count.

They're two agents, one couple, entrusted with your national security.

Let the bickering begin!