Vampires Anonymous: Book Two

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 07/20/2010


With the untimely death of the vampire Lord, Cyrus Hayes, things almost seem ready to settle down for Adrian Shadowhawk and his mentor, Eli Howard--except for one seriously loose end, and it's being controlled from the grave.

Former lackey and hit man Adam Mathews has inherited ten million dollars to carry out Cyrus' plan for world domination of all humans, and Adam's own personal vendetta against Eli will tie in nicely with the elimination of the Vampire Council in Detroit.

A new player has joined the game. The vampire known only as Zacharias steps in to ensure that Cyrus' vision will be fulfilled. With his help, Adam completely disappears from Adrian's computer surveillance for the next three years while the two of them formulate a new plan.

Despite the vanishing act, Eli and Adrian are painfully reminded that Adam has not gone away for good, as the people dear to them become additional targets for his killings.

Through generous political contributions, Adam has the new Mayor and Police Chief of Detroit in his back pocket, and the stage is set for a major confrontation. But the war will not be confined to the city. It's about to spread to the entire vampire world.

Vampires Anonymous is the second novel of the Mortal Vampires Trilogy.