3, 2, 1...Married!

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Single Title | Date published: 07/26/2010


The countdown has begun. Three marriage-minded women have set their sights on becoming brides. And they're following Prominence magazine's surefire list of ways to meet the grooms of their dreams. How to hook a husband when time is of the essence? Prominence says...

""Catch a Cowboy!""

Bestselling author SHARON SALA takes her heroine way out West, where the men are plentiful...and more than willing to make some lucky lady ""Miracle Bride.""

""Collide with a Single Daddy!""

Award-winning author MARIE FERRARELLA tells the story of a single gal searching for any excuse to visit the playground and catch sight of ""a member of 'The Single Daddy Club.'""

""Get Personal!""

Beloved author BEVERLY BARTON creates a heroine who discovers that personal ads are a bit like opening Door Number 3--the prize for ""Getting Personal"" may just be more than worth the risk!