Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage

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Categories: History
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc. | Date published: 07/01/2010


Married and with child, Viola is stunned when her husband, Roger, abandons her without a backward glance. The rent is due, and there is no money in her purse. Her father can no longer care for her since his accident, but Viola vows she will not end up in the streets, or become a charity ward of the Parish. She will make her way in the world without a man. She will do it alone, and she will remain an honorable woman. Horatio, a man bitter from betrayal. Not knowing who he is, and as she is thrown more and more in his company, Viola suspects Horatio is Roger's brother, whom he hates and believes dead. But Roger is not dead. He is alive, and a bigamist. Together Viola and Horatio set out to destroy him through Ecclesiastical courts for bigamy, a criminal offense that could give him the death penalty.