The Traveler's Tale

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 06/07/2010


Blurb: When Korvan Orm decided to live among the Pyrrans he was not prepared for the hatred so many felt for his people, the Travelers. He wasn't prepared to fall in love, either. When two thugs try to beat the Gypsy out of him, he is saved by the timely arrival of Avorra, Princess of the Realm. Suddenly, he's smitten with feelings he has no right to feel in a society that considers him an outcast, feelings that could get him killed. The visiting Prince Gregor of Vasulia has no love for the upstart Traveler but he does have plans for an alliance between his Royal House and the House of Pyrran. Can Korvan find a way to court the intriguing Princess and avoid the Prince's black arts? Or is this Traveler's tale going have a lonely ending? Excerpt: The only problem was that the clazbear and the dogs were between me, the trapped girl and the weapons. The hounds had less sense than I did. The brindle troublemaker charged in to snap at the forelegs of the predator. The clazbear swatted at him with a paw that was bigger than my head and just barely missed the dog's back. The second hound then raced in to nip at the hind legs of the monster. The clazbear spun to smash him down with a massive claw. The dog squealed once and was quiet. While the clazbear was occupied with the remaining dog, I threw myself forward in a desperate attempt to reach the bow and the Princess. I had to run up the angle of the ravine's side to get past the clazbear in the narrow space. The earth was soft and, as I ran up it, I abruptly realized I was barely an arm's length from the snarling brown beast. The earth began to crumble beneath my feet.