With White and Black Comes the Grey

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Categories: Horror/Romance
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing/Lachesis Publishing | Date published: 06/21/2010


A boy searching for absolution finds terror and torment? Driven by guilt of his father's death and fear of his newfound visionary abilities, Jonathan runs away from home only to befriend pure evil. A mother haunted by dreams avenges her son's death? When nightmares of Miriam James' missing son's death invade her sleep, she decides to go with her deceased husband's friend in search of her son's murderer. A man driven by love sacrifices everything? Alex Thompson has loved Miriam for so long, but she was never his to take. When her husband suddenly dies and she becomes available, he struggles with his conscience to honor his friend's memory while he helps her in her quest. A demon seeks to destroy his formidable enemy? With an army of visionaries at his side and his supernatural powers, Nathan searches for his enemy and the secret to destroying The Chosen One. They all meet in THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON.

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