Max and Me

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc. | Date published: 06/07/2010


A cat's life isn't always leisurely...especially if you're a talking one. "Gunner" Dahlquist makes a living piloting his freelanced ship, The Rockside Hopper. A cynical, but optimistic veteran of Beast War III, Gunner brought one good thing away from the wars -- his roommate Max. Max just so happens to be a talking cat. Together, Gunner and Max pick an odd set of allies in their quest to find the truth to Max's creation. First, there's the veterinary student who's a martial arts expert and may be falling in love with Gunner. Then the Bioengineered Eastern Orthodox mystic who claims to be Max's sister. Next is a coarse and sullen failed shape shifter experiment. Last is the infant "cereborg" who's trillions of times more intelligent than humans...but is she a friend to Gunner and company, or is her very existence a threat to the human race? WARNING: Vulgar language, m/m and m/f sexuality, and violence.