Witch Hunt - [Book Two]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 05/11/2010


Following the events of Searching, Neilson would like to get on with his life, but things aren't that simple. His home has suffered what looks like a freak accident, and worse, investigators have arrived to look into what happened on the night Evan Philips died. Lying could mean death, but the truth holds a dangerous secret.

It's hardly surprising that Neilson ignores the rumours of murder. He isn't even supposed to be a Tracker any more. But when the finger of blame is being pointed straight at the woman he loves, Neilson has to go up against both the representatives of his old world and the new Tracker, Amy Winter.

Neilson has to fight to keep his girlfriend safe and to unmask the real killer before they can strike again in a series of ritual murders. Worse, it seems they've chosen the final target whose death will hurt him most of all. Neilson finds himself faced with a simple question: how do you find a killer when nobody trusts you?

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