The Fountain

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 04/25/2010


The story of the fountain follows Semta Youngder from the age of three through her marriage. Her brother Mondo is four years older. When they move to Laniston, with their father Kevlin--an aspiring artist--the first thing they notice is a large fountain in the center of town, terminating in a wide seat all around it. Semta becomes seriously ill, with a rare disease. She misses third grade and does the work at home. She is hardly better when a touring acting company comes to town, which she convinces her family to attend. There she meets Zortar, one of the actors. As they become friendly, he tells her his secret -- he is part Elf. He is surprised to find that she accepts that readily, does not reject put him. Near the end of their planned stay, there is a terrible storm. Their wagons are damaged, the town is devastated. The actors stay the winter to help with the clean up, the town helps repair their transportation. The townsfolk put up the troupe, naturally Zortar stays with the Youngders. As the years pass, Zortar uses magic to stay in touch with Semmy, sees her twice a year. They use a tree to send messages back and forth, and he gives her a ring that will allow her to contact him. When Mondo is a junior in high school, he runs away with his older friends and tries to join the army. Semta overhears her brother's plans, summons Zortar to help. He manages to find Mondo and convinces him to be instantly fetched home; but in doing this, Zortar reveals his abilites to the entire Youngder family. Then his parents contact Semta's and they become friends. The two young ones become engaged, and they all visit Arborheim, the Elfhome.