Compliance Management for Public, Private, or Non-Profit Organizations

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Categories: Business
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/McGraw-Hill | Date published: 05/17/2010


In today's business climate, accountability, transparency, and a high regard for laws, regulations, and ethical conduct is as much a part of how an organization manages its affairs as its primary mission and operations. Compliance Management for Public, Private, or NonprofitOrganizations is a complete, hands-on guide to implementing strategies and techniques for developing, managing, and improving the compliance function of any organization.

Author Michael G. Silverman is a corporate expert in strategic planning, program management, compliance, risk assessment, and policy development. In ComplianceManagement for Public, Private, or Nonprofit Organizations, he presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject by examining the traditional compliance issues associated with laws and regulations, as well as matters surroundingethical behavior, organizational structure, technology, administration, and risk management.

From establishing compliance goals and managing education and training programs to operating a whistle-blowing program and addressing staffing and budgeting requirements, this practical resource covers everything compliance officers and risk and organizational managers need to know, including:

  • Where and how to establish a compliance program withinan organization
  • The critical skills and expertise for maintaining an effective compliance program
  • Pros and cons of making a compliance program a part-time function of an organization
  • How to deliver bad news to senior management--and survive

Compliance Management for Public, Private,or Nonprofit Organizations includes a wealthof examples that illustrate the real-worldapplications of critical strategies and techniquesfor using the board of directors andsenior management to promote compliance,reduce employee and management barriersto compliance, conduct in-depth risk assessmentand compliance audits, and more.

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