Walking After Midnight [The Shield & The Darkness, Book II]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2010


The sequel to Dancing In The Dark, a Dream Realm Award Finalist for "Best Horror"...

One man had immortality in his grasp, but does the beautiful vampire who offered it still want him?

FBI profiler Jack Niemczyk had everything. Money, influence, the freedom he'd always craved, and mind-exploding sex like he'd never imagined. Everything, all wrapped up in the lush body of his vampire lover, Baby Roxton, Queen of New Orleans. The life of which he never dared to dream...his.

Until she walked away.

Now, Jack still has the money and the freedom, but without Baby, without the blood and the sex that go with being the Queen's Pet, his life is empty. And now a killer stalks the Chosen, those mortals like Jack, the beloved humans of the Pride. And the slaughter will continue unless Jack outs his dream world and watches it crumble under humanity's paranoia.

Will the killer's flaming crosses take what little Jack has left? Or will the deadly addiction to Baby's blood end it all first?

Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Suspense / Thriller