The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 04/05/2010


He is Eric John Stark, known far and wide around the galaxy because of his many exploits and unparalleled fearlessness. But he is also called N'Chaka, Man-Without-a-Tribe. Born and raised in the savage surroundings of Mercury, and then reclaimed by his fellow Earthmen after they have destroyed his tribe and home, Stark spends his life wandering, not staying in one place for long, yet ever and always leaving his mark. From dry and arid Mars with its vampiric Ramas, to red and lush Venus with its psychotic Lhari, and back again to the cold and cruel winter region of Mars and the Gates of Death, Stark fulfills overwhelming deeds of heroism, creating friendships and discovering love, yet still remaining true to his namesake--N'Chaka, Man-Without-A-Tribe.