Belly of the Wolf [Book Three of the Lens of the World Trilogy]

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1994


Nazhuret, the reluctant Philosopher-hero of R.A. MacAvoy's award-winning bestseller, Lens of the World, is embarking on his final adventure. He must unwillingly end a long period of exile and once again take up the sword in defense of freedom. His old friend the King is suddenly and unexpectedly assassinated, leaving the kingdom in chaos. Nazhuret interrupts the peace of his old age to endure the horrors of war and the supernatural realm of the dead. Before his journey comes to an end, he must test his wisdom to its limit in the face of danger and treachery. Accompanied by his beloved daughter Nahvah, as Nazhuret's final debt of honor is paid he faces the darker side of human nature with both of their lives at stake.