Safe From The Flames

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 12/13/2009


Darren Kaestle wants nothing more out of life than to do his job. Putting out fires and keeping the community safe is his idea of a good time. Throw in a few beers with his best friend Tyler, and life's good--until he finds an unconscious woman at the scene of an abandoned house fire. He carries her to safety, and after having her check out at the hospital, takes her home. Only then does he find out about her paranormal status. Hadyn Bernson has lived in a run of bad luck all her life--ever since her family perished in a fire when she was twelve. Since then, she's harbored anger and fear deep inside herself until it manifests in a rare phenomena. She can burst into flames whenever her emotions get out of control, and they threaten to do just that when she opens her eyes and finds a sexy firefighter staring back. Together, these two people from opposite ends of the spectrum must find a way to settle their differences and quench the flames inside before the real terror of a dangerous blaze ends one, or both, of their lives.