Day 94

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Categories: Science Fiction/Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 12/07/2009


In the wake of a large meteor collision, a ghastly epidemic is unleashed upon rural Colorado. Joslin, Grant and their two young children barricade themselves in their home in the quarantined city. Their fight for survival begins; battling airborne disease, lack of electricity and running water, starvation, brutal Colorado winter and worst of all, the morphs. The violent morphs, both victims and carriers of the disease, soon become more numerous and aggressive. Joslin and Grant risk all to protect their children. As each strand of hope frays away, dangers increase until Grant is attacked. Knowing he's been infected, Grant leaves his family to fend for themselves. Just when Joslin thinks things can't get worse, her morphed husband returns on day ninty-four. Crazed and delusional, he is determined to get into the house. Joslin's unwavering determination to save her children drives her to the ultimate risk.

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