Marshall's Law

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Categories: Romance/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 01/01/2010


With ghosts like these, who needs TAPS? If Dana Cummings was inclined to list the best ways to meet men, having one arrest her for burglary--during a tornado, no less--wouldn't be in the top ten. Dating isn't high on her agenda, period. She's sworn to never again fall for know-it-all men with fiery gazes and devastating smiles. Besides, she's only in Wyoming to help her eccentric aunt find out if horny ghosts really do haunt the family bed. And hopefully bust a hellacious case of writer's block. Extracurricular activity with a gruff, hunky lawman is off limits, even if he does fire her libido. Witnessing too much of life's seedy side led Brennan Marshall to live by three simple rules: work hard, play hard, and never fall for a sweet-faced female with a witty tongue and snappy comebacks. Especially the ones with a dollop of vulnerability--like Dana. But their razor-sharp sexual tension cuts right through his defenses and leads them on a dangerous journey. One that will test the limits of their beliefs--and could cost their lives. This book has been previously published. Warning: Contains sexy ghosts doing the hunka chunka in the basement, red hot love scenes, and "spirited" language. Not responsible for paranormal hanky panky that reading this book may stir up.