Funny Business

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books | Date published: 01/01/2000


"Ms. Bierce has written an insightful tale with the message that if a loving relationship is to work, no matter how physically attracted two people are to each other, there needs to be a willingness to compromise, to forgive and try to understand, and to accept one another, flaws and all."--Reviewed by Jeanne Allen of Ivy Quill Reviews. A contemporary romantic comedy set in Tampa, Florida, Funny Business focuses on Meg Buffington as she sets out on a career in business. But on a dare, she performs at amateur night at a comedy club. In the audience is Curtiss Edmunds, a financial planner new to Tampa, who finds little humor is life and none in business. As it turns out, Meg interviews with Curtiss the next morning for a job. He remembers her act, and issues an ultimatum--if she accepts the position of his office manager, she will not perform as a comedienne. The attraction between them is strong, but their combined stubbornness is stronger. How can Meg bring some laughter back into Curtiss' life?