Bio: Martin Shepard was born in New York City in 1934. Originally trained as an artist and later a graduate of N.Y.U. Bellevue Medical School, he took residencies at both Hillside and Mt. Sinai Hospitals. He has worked as a stock clerk, salesman, waiter, truck driver, physician, politician, psychiatrist, college professor, writer and carpenter. Shepard has written several books which have been translated into Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Japanese.

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Fritz Perls described himself as a "mediocre psychoanalyst" who became "the possible creator of a 'new' method of treatment"--Gestalt Therapy. His wife described him as half prophet, half bum. Dave Rybeck, reviewing FRITZ in Psychology Today, said that "Martin Shepard has done an excellent job of getting into, on top of, and under the Fritz Perl's mystique. He spent two years learning all he could about Perl's life and has produced a masterful yet loving portrait that goes far beyond biography, ... more info>>
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