Bio: Reincarnation? Yes, that's what author Trace Edward Zaber believes, wholeheartedly, especially when, at the age of four, he begged his parents to take him to a little town called Gettysburg, and after arriving, wanted to see nothing other than a hill just south of town named Little Round Top, which continues to fascinate him! Trace is a Chicago-area writer, specializing in Civil War fiction. “Nothing,” he says, “and I mean nothing, stirs my soul more so than the Great American Conflict. It was a period when brother fought brother with brutal abandon—nearly unfathomable in our day and supposedly-civilized age—and Americans waged bloody war against one other. How many people today can actually imagine a grand city such as Atlanta burning to the ground?...the destruction of New York City being attempted?...the murder of a leader with insight such as Abraham Lincoln being executed? And not by an enemy’s hand, but stemming from acts of their own ancestors? Few, I’m certain. Many of us live day to day, taking for granted all that surrounds us, but ignorant to our tragic past—the gallons of blood shed to preserve this union of states as our forefathers had originally conceived. But, as the author Shelby Foote once said, ‘An understanding of this nation had to be based...on an understanding of the Civil War...It defined us as what we are and it opened us to being what we became; both good and bad...It was the crossroads of our being, and it was a hell of a crossroads.’ I suppose that’s why I write Civil War fiction. A part of me is forever trying to comprehend what political and personal chaos could have driven Americans to such brutal acts. Although I highly doubt I will ever glean the whole truth, perchance I might gain a modicum of insight.” On April 16, 2000, Trace’s debut novel, Sins of the Father, won Word Weaving’s first-ever “Award For Literary Excellence,” and it was nominated for an EPPIE Award in the Best Historical Fiction category. Also available starting in 2004 will be Trace’s seven-part Civil War series The Culpeper Chronicles—the first book in the series, One Bitter And Deadly Harvest, while the second book in the series, Two Nations Under God, will be released in late 2005. Moreover, Trace’s stories “Blood Brothers” and “The Collections Of Bethlehem” have garnered several awards and appear in the Historical Anthology Twilight Antiquity. Another of his stories, “Esprit De Corps,” appears as part of the award-winning Tales of the Spirit of Hope, Love, and Redemption charitable anthology. He has also been contracted (along with author J. L. Abbott) to do a series of reference books for historical-fiction writers entitled Listories of the 19th Century—Vol. I of the series will be available sometime in 2004. Additionally, Trace moderates several writers’ critique groups, was a featured author at Barnes & Noble’s Writers’ Harvest 1997, and was the owner/editor of the award-winning Of Ages Past Magazine (although defunct, all past issues are still online). On the side—and much to the surprise of those who know him only by his prose—Trace is a rock ‘n’ roller who has just signed his fifth recording contract, this time as the lead vocalist with DSG (The Dave Shankle Group—“Dave Shankle” is the former award-winning guitarist and Guiness Book Of World Records guitarist with heavy-metal legends, MANOWAR). The first DSG album, Ashes To Ashes, is now available from Magic Circle Music/Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s website is online at, where you can read the official biography, reviews of the album, even download not only a snippet of the debut single, but also a clip from the first music video. The album is available for purchase there as well. Expect DSG to tour Europe in late Summer 2003 to coincide with the album's release. And if that wasn’t enough, Trace is also the owner of By Thunder, which includes several authoring services—Thundergraph: Web Design, Graphics, & Webmastering; ThunderProse: Professional Editing Services; and ThunderArt, the division of By Thunder that creates award-winning cover art for both e-books and paperbacks. Currently, Trace is also the Editorial Director and Creative Director for Amber Quill Press. His cover art won the Spectrum Award for “Best Cover Art 2001” and consistently places in the Top 10 in various author/reader polls for both “Best Cover Artist” and for specific book covers. You can email him at or

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Sins of the Father
Jebediah Simpson Ellsworth, a young brigadier general from Vicksburg, Mississippi, arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, seeking not only victory for his army and freedom from Northern tyranny, but also to prove his worthiness to his father's ghost. Instead, his army suffers defeat, he is wounded, and while recovering in enemy territory, is falsely accused of plotting a heinous crime. With the aid of Faith Bradshaw, a young Yankee woman, and Isaiah Walker, an ex-slave, Jeb embarks on a perilous q... more info>>
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