Bio: Brian Larson has written reviews, articles, short stories, scripts, novels and textbooks. He is a C++ programmer, a webpage designer, a game and beta tester, as well as being involved in college instruction and giving public presentations. Brian's book publications are: Computers: Understanding Technology, Fuller and Larson, pub. EMCParadigm ,2002 Imperium, SF novel pub. Crossroads Fiction, 2001 Career Success in Hi-Tech, published as E-Book by BookLocker. Textbook: Introduction to Programming (Softcover Print-Only, co-author: Bill Jones) -and now Time Tripper, SF novel, pub. Awe-Struck E-books, 2002 Brian's list of short fiction and articles is equally impressive: Cover Story at The Axeman MZB Fantasy Magazine Starsong Paper Mayhem Scurvy Magazine Between Sheets Magazine Plant Engineering Magazine Dimensions e-zine

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