Bio: John Argo has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and North America, and is conversant in several languages including ancient Latin. He holds degrees in English and Computer Information Systems, and has supported himself through journalism, fiction, and technical writing for over 30 years. He is the author of genre novels including "Pioneers" and "This Shoal of Space" (SF) and "Neon Blue" (Suspense). Some of his short SF stories are collected in "Lantern Road: 8 By Argo" (Clocktower Books, 2002). When not traveling, he lives near Los Angeles, where he sometimes looks outside to see if the 2019 rains have begun. He has a wife and son, neither of whom are Nexus models. He drives a sleek 2018 Unterwasser with hover controls, not yet in mass production. He is licensed to hunt and retire replicants, but generally prefers gardening for his physical exertions.

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