Bio: Barbara M. Hodges lives in Nipomo, California, a small town on the central coast. She shares her life with her husband, a sassy cat, and two basset hounds who are her role models for Maggie. She has had short fiction published, as well as non-fiction, and placed second in the 2000 WIN-WIN Persie writing contest with a fantasy short story. The Blue Flame is her first published novel, but won't be her last. She is now working on a second fantasy novel in a totally new world, and planning a second continuing the adventures of Kelsey and Regan.

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Shadow Worlds
Genetic duplicates of people start dropping out of thin air right beside the originals. The duplicates are complete except for one little detail: they're dead. Frank Winston begins an investigation that widens to include the mystery of a vanished airliner that had his parents on board, as well as those of the first person who found a dead twin on her doorstep, Linda Vesprie. Together, they discover that quantum physics is even stranger than scientists had believed, and that their world and an in... more info>>
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