Bio: Charlotte Dobson has won seven awards for fiction, including three for her suspense novel, Crystal Waterfall. She also writes an occasional article for the Novel Writer's Workshop Cyber-Journal. Incubus is her first venture into the horror genre. When she isn't writing, Charolotte enjoys geneology, astronomy and travel. A native of Virginia Beach, she has lived in Rhode Island, Florida, and Tennessee in addition to almost every major city in Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband and their three cats.

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Anthropologist Martine Murdoch theorizes the existence of an ancient cult of heart-eaters to explain the condition of human remains found hidden within a long-abandoned Mayan city. When the theory is published, her life changes forever. Shunned by the scientific community, Marty sets out to discover the meaning behind a series of recent murders committed using the very techniques she wrote about. But instead of unearthing a psychotic human, Marty stumbles into the final act of an ancient struggl... more info>>
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