Bio: When Dee Lloyd was thirteen years old she told a reporter for the Timmins Daily Press that she wanted to be a writer. The road since has meandered through some fascinating territory, but the writing has been a constant. She's worked in record stores, at cosmetic counters and for a city tax department, but for the past twenty years she has devoted most of her energy to teaching Creative Writing to adults and adolescents.

Dee is addicted to cruising tropical waters in the winter as often as she can and loves the clear lake waters that surround her island cottage in Central Ontario. She is fascinated by the interactions between men and women of all ages and cultures and by the resilience that people display in the face of devastating troubles.

After years of reading all kinds of mysteries, Dee gradually found herself choosing stories with a higher romance content. Her own stories moved in the same direction. Recently, she realized that she was a natural to write romantic suspense novels. After all, she met her husband in what could have been the opening scene of a romance novel. Dee was auditioning for the singing lead in a college musical comedy that he had written. Naturally, she got the part ... and the man.

Now that she is focusing her attention on her writing, these days Dee's main distractions are, aside from her husband, her two grown daughters and six grandchildren.

Dee has been a member of the Romance Writers of America since 1990, of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers since attending a great conference there in 1992, and of the Kiss of Death Chapter of RWA since 1998. She is a multi-published author, and had four books with LTDBooks, including her EPPIE award-winning Ties That Blind, Mine, Change of Plans and Ghost of a Chance.

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Change of Plans
From EPPIE Award Winning Author, Dee Lloyd--Mike and Sara didn't plan on falling in love... Mike was determined to change his image from "Mr. Nice Guy" to "dangerous and exciting male on the prowl." He had narrowly missed marrying the wrong woman, who had eloped with her boss before he arrived home from a contract job in Africa. Disillusioned by her broken promise and angry with women in general, Mike plans to find a fun-loving woman to share his honeymoon stateroom... Sara has never been in lov... more info>>
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Ghost of a Chance
Bret's well-ordered life is already off the rails when the lovely but bloody ghost confronts him on a dark, deserted road. His body is almost fully recovered from the attack that nearly killed him but his nerves must be in worse shape than he thought. Seeing ghosts?! He must be losing his grip on reality ... Milly spots the tall, attractive blond man the moment he steps into the piano lounge. As she spins her web of magic on the audience, she is intensely aware of the stranger's unwavering gaze.... more info>>
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In The Running
When your world disintegrates, not even waking in the arms of an attractive man helps. Yesterday, Reenie discovered her fiance was unfaithful, saw him commit a murder and ran; today, she wrecked her car. This is no time to fall in love. Or is it?
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Cadie Haywood arrives at the Nighthawk Lake property she inherited, desperate for solitude. Marc Banachek, however, her grandfather's unfriendly--if gorgeous--tenant, insists she honor his lease. He and his huge ungainly puppy, Lurch, refuse to leave the guest cabin... Ironically, Pop, who had prospected all over North America, discovered gold on his own land just before he died. Cadie won't sell the property even though ugly warnings escalate to attempts on her life... The last thing Cadie want... more info>>
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Out of Her Dreams
Insisting she's the reincarnation of his fiancee, handsome, laughing, loving Jake Wylie steps right out of Kate's dreams. In the flesh?well occasionally in the flesh...
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Ties that Bind
Attraction flares when childhood friends chance to meet on a plane. In Adam's eyes, Risa has changed for the better. Only the stunning brunette's smile reminds him of the girl he used to know, that skinny daredevil kid who trailed him around the ski club... Accepting a ride home from the airport in Risa's van, Adam discovers a revolver. Then a body in her garage! Can he be so strongly attracted to a murderess? Or is Risa being framed? [Genres: Romance / Romantic Suspense / Romantic Thriller]
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Unquiet Spirits
The eagerly awaited third Romantic Suspense novel in Dee Lloyd's Dangerous Waters series... Headstrong Kit Schofield, convinced the hit and run that almost killed her was a random act of violence, heads north to her family resort at Spirit Lake. Lifelong buddy Bart joins her as self-appointed bodyguard. Disturbing, old secrets and equally unsettling ghosts lurk in the lodge and the calm waters of the deceptively peaceful resort. And a deadly, elusive killer strikes again. All this fades into the... more info>>
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